Dani Ortman
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In 2007 I sat down to a loom for the first time.  It was love at first pass of the shuttle.

My mind finds solace in meticulous craft. My eyes see art in the intricate lines of a woven thread.

With the root of each textile born from a desire to cultivate knowing relationships to where and how our products are made.  Each piece is thoughtfully considered, calculated and developed.

Natural fibres are sourced from local farmers or trusted producers.  Classic woven patterns are restructured, innovated and crafted into fine contemporary cloth that you can enjoy as a scarf, a shawl, or a hanging for your wall.

All textiles are executed with extreme care and high standards of craftsmanship.  Redefining our connection to textiles, opening our minds to regard them as the precious commodity they are.

Allow the threads you wear to grow with you, change with you and connect you back to the roots of our human existence.



2018:  Complexities & Cloth
 Toronto Design Offsite Festival + Artscape Youngplace; Toronto, ON

Complexities & Cloth looks at the detailed process involved in crafting woven textiles, while opening a dialogue with the fabrics of our time.  Through the lens of hand weaving you are invited to take a closer look into the process of making cloth. Where each thread is calculated to bend over and under one another, creating the structural bonds that form our fabrics. Observing that within these bends of interwoven lines, lays the potential for delicate pattern work.

Let your eyes indulge in the elegant subtleties of hand woven cloth, while your mind considers the complexities of how it was made.

2017:  Nothing is Newer than Craft - Juried Exhibition 
 Art Gallery of Burlington;  Burlington, ON

Through the work of sixteen emerging makers, the exhibition explores how craft materials, tools and processes are creatively reiterated through the hands of a new generation of makers.
Exhibited:  'Smoke on the Water' - Handwoven, hand dyed silk, plant dyes, organic cotton; 2016

2017:  Carnegie Craft - Juried Biennial Exhibition
- Carnegie Gallery;  Dundas, ON

An event that features a wide range of talent from Ontario-based craft practitioners.
Exhibited:  'Blue Heron' - Handwoven, hand dyed organic cotton, natural indigo, silk; 2016

2017:  Journey of a woven Thread - Solo Exhibition
- Artists on Elgin Gallery;  Sudbury, ON

Inaugural exhibition that journeys along the path and progression of work from the very beginning to current collections.

2017:   Wearable Expressions 7th International - Juried Exhibition
Palos Verdes Art Center;  Palos Verdes, CA

Established to promote the sharing of new visions and the exploration of innovative techniques and materials in art to wear.
Exhibited: 'Not For The Faint of Heart' & 'Electric Rainbow' - Handwoven, organic cotton; 2016

2016:  Craft Forms 22nd International - Juried Exhibition
Wayne Art Center;  Wayne, PA

The exhibition is dedicated to enhancing the public’s awareness of contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists alike to share their functional and creative endeavours.
Exhibited: 'Pins & Needles' - Handwoven, organic cotton; 2016

2016:  Complexity Biennial International - Juried Exhibition
Complex Weavers Org;  St. Charles, IL

Featuring works which employ complex weave structures. Complex weaves seek to interlace threads and fibers in ways beyond plain weave. Complex weaving is defined by the cloth produced and the mind it took to create it.
Exhibited: 'Infinity' - Handwoven, organic cotton; 2015

2015:  Materialize - Juried Exhibition
Craft Ontario; Toronto, ON

Craft Ontario is committed to fostering the next generation of professional craft practice, and this year’s exhibition is the second annual juried collection of work that celebrates a diversity of creative, innovative and skilled incarnations of material culture.  Exhibited:  'Dances With Shadows' - Handwoven, organic cotton; 2015

2015:  Lasting Effect - Curated by Melanie Egan
Harbourfront Centre; Toronto, ON

A work can endure because it fits our idea of what constitutes classic design, or simply thanks to process and materials. These works resonate with the past, by reimagining timeless methods, or re-purposing materials to infuse them with contemporary meaning.  It’s about work that lasts.  Exhibited:  'Symmetry' - Handwoven, hand dyed, plant dyes; 2009


AWARDS / Scholarships

2019: Northern Arts Development Grant
- Ontario Arts Council
2018:  Juror's Choice Award

Toronto Design Offsite Festival
2017:  Award of Excellence in Craftsmanship
 - Carnegie Gallery
2016:  Award of Merit
Craft Forms
2016:  Founders Scholarship
Guild of Canadian Weavers
2015:  Helen Frances Gregor Scholarship
Craft Ontario



2017:  Nothing Is Newer Than Tradition:  Canadian Craft Biennial
2016:  Youth Beat:  Guild of Canadian Weavers
2016:  Nature Craft:  Garland Magazine
2015:  Gift Guide:  Toronto Life Magazine
2015:  Gift Guide:  Girls of TO
2015:  Bringing Precious Back to Cloth Belleza Moda
2015:  Made Here Sunday Crush Blog
2015:  Canadian Design:  Kiku Corner Blog



2018 - Present:  Guild of Canadian Weavers
- President
2017 - 2018:  Guild of Canadian Weavers
- Vice President
2012 - Present:  Guild of Canadian Weavers
- Editor / Contributor
2017:  Dyeing With Nature - 2 Day Workshop
- In part of Elliot Lake Summer Arts
2017:  Burr House Guild - Presentation
- Journey of  a Woven Thread
2016:  Guelph Weavers Guild - Presentation
- Shadow Weave



2016:  Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
- Jacquard Weaving; Beginner & Intermediate
2010 - Present:  Self guided studies
- Handweaving, plant dyeing, lacemaking, beadwork
2007 - 2009:  Kootenay School of The Arts
- Firbre Arts; Diploma - Graduated with Honours



2016; 2015 - Toronto Outdoor Arts Exhibition
2018; 2016; 2015 - Toronto One of a Kind Winter Show
2017; 2016; 2015 - Cabbagetown Arts Festival, Toronto
2015 - Made Inland, Toronto