Another year, Another harvest

Five years ago I threw dust to the wind, packed my loom and moved to a rural community in what’s recognized as Northern Ontario. It wasn’t the first time I’ve moved to a place where I didn’t know anyone, nor did I know why I was going there. But I’ve always trusted my compass without question. When it tells me to fly I close my eyes and spread my wings, the wind is either going to catch me, or I will fall, and get up again.

When my compass brought me to Manitoulin Island in 2013 I didn’t expect to stay much longer than the year. Instead what I found was a sense of belonging. A feeling I had never felt before. This place has allowed me the time and space to explore, where I’ve found myself in the garden that grows my food, in the forests where I walk, in the great lakes where I swim, in the stars where I dream, in the silence of winter and the warmth of a fire. I’ve found myself in the threads that fabricate themselves as an intricate explanation to thoughts I’d otherwise have no words for.

Another year, another harvest. Harvesting my knowledge, wisdom and skills, in the craft of life.

dani ortman