Complexities & Cloth



Complexities in Cloth

A Contemporary Textile Installation by Dani Ortman

January 15th - 26th, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION:  January 16th, 6-9pm

Complexities in Cloth looks at the detailed process involved in crafting woven textiles, while opening a dialogue with the fabrics of our time.

Through the lens of hand weaving you are invited to take a closer look into the process of making cloth. Where each thread is calculated to bend over and under one another, creating the structural bonds that form our fabrics. Observing that within these bends of interwoven lines, lays the potential for delicate pattern work.

Let your eyes indulge in the elegant subtleties of hand woven cloth, while your mind considers the complexities of how it was made.

The designer and maker Dani Ortman brings a slow and thoughtful approach to crafting textiles. Designing contemporary patterns, thoughtfully sourcing yarns, hand dyeing colours, and weaving each piece on a traditional floor loom. She produces textiles that encourage the value of cloth be re-considered, as the precious commodity that it is.