CANADA:  3 - 7 business days
USA:  Up to 14 business days
INTERNATIONAL:  Please allow 3 - 5 weeks
All purchases are shipped with insurance and tracking.





All textiles have been crafted by hand and are subject to slight indifferences.  If you are unsatisfied within reasonable order I will do my best to provide assistance.  Warranty may be given but is subject to the makers discretion. Fading may happen over time and this is not subject to warranty. If your scarf has been damaged from natural wear and tear I will assist you as best I can with the repair.

Proper care can prolong the life of your scarf and avoid undesirable damage.



Any scarf that has been hand crafted by Dani Ortman is accepted for trade-in. Your scarf is a precious commodity and has been crafted by hand from the finest quality natural materials.  If you are finished with it or would like to choose a new scarf to wear, you may trade it in for credit towards something new.



All products are crafted from natural materials and sustainable dyes. They are 100% biodegradable/compostable.  Alternatively here are a few tips in preserving your textile:

Colour Fading

Natural dyes are subject to fading over time.  Please keep textiles out of direct sunlight whereby exposed for extended periods of time.  Fading may also occur at fold lines or if your textile is stored for long periods of time in unfavourable conditions (heat, cold, damp).


Do not wash it often and do not dry clean.  Hand washing in tepid water is recommended.   For cotton scarves machine washing on a delicate cycle is permitted.  Use cold water and a gentle detergent.  Lay flat to dry.  A gentle pressing or steaming is suggested.  If using an iron, pay attention to your heat setting.  Carefully press moving the iron from centre toward one edge, and then centre toward the other edge.  Move all the way up the cloth doing this.  For optimal benefits, press the other side as well.


Snags may happen (especially if you wear accessories that are prone to catching) - DO NOT cut snags.  Every thread has its place within the cloth, and will go back.  Follow the thread's path and gently guide it back into place.


Constant agitation from rough surfaces may damage the scarf.  It is suggested that you change the folding of your scarf often to avoid increased wear on any one area.