Each scarf has a unique process where the
design, calculation, crafting and finishing
are all carefully considered.

  • Designs are created through the study and understanding of weave structures, whereby arranging threads to create desired patterns.
  • Patterns are calculated and then translated onto the loom through careful threading arrangements.
  • Each textile is crafted with thoughtfully chosen natural fibres.  Local and organic yarns are sourced whenever it is possible.
  • Special colours are hand dyed using foraged wild-flowers and other natural dyes extracts.  Sometimes I will use a low impact  synthetic dye to acquire saturated hues.  And then sometimes colours (often black) have been commercially dyed.  See my transparency page for full details.
  • Every piece is woven by hand and treadled by foot.
  • Often when starting a new design, the textile will be woven and un-woven dozens of times until I feel satisfied with the outcome.  Sometimes this also includes re-threading the loom to alter the pattern or re-sleying the reed to acquire a perfect sett.
  • After the textile is completely woven it is removed from the loom, where it is finished with a hand twisted fringe or stitch.
  • Each piece is then washed and pressed.

How Long Does it Take?

The chart is divided into an average percentage of time to accumulate 100%