Silk & Linen Stripes

Silk & Linen Stripes


Silk & Linen Stripes - Large Scarf/Shawl

For this piece I have woven a pin stripe using a classic birds eye twill structure. The warp is silk and woven using a fine linen. This scarf has a subtle hand and heavy drape.

• Bombyx Mori Silk + European Linen
• Medium/Heavy weight
• Finished with hand twisted fringe
• Gender neutral

Colour: Black & Stone (The actual colours where black and natural linen woven on white, but when the colours mix the natural appears as a cool taupe/stone hue).

Width: 19 inches
Length: 80 inches
Fringe: 5 inches

Handwoven by Dani Ortman
Manitoulin Island, Canada

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