Complexities & Cloth looks at the detailed process involved in crafting woven textiles, while opening a dialogue with the fabrics of our time.


Through the lens of hand weaving you are invited to take a closer look into the process of making cloth.  Where each thread is calculated to bend over and under one another, creating the structural bonds that form our fabrics.  Observing that within these bends of interwoven lines, lays the potential for delicate pattern work.

Let your eyes indulge in the elegant subtleties of hand woven cloth, while your mind considers the complexities of how it was made.

Designer and maker Dani Ortman adapts a slow and thoughtful approach to crafting textiles.  Classic patterns are innovated.  Local and organic yarns are sourced.  Contemplated colours are dyed by hand and each piece is woven on a traditional floor loom.  Producing textiles that encourage the value of cloth be re-considered, as the precious commodity that it is.


Getting to know the loom

Translating a Weaving Draft

A weaving draft is your pattern map. 
It tells you how to set up your loom and how to weave your cloth.


Weaving Resources



Fresh Isle Fibres - Suffolk Wool
Ontario, Canada

Circlerlamb - Dorset Wool
Ontario, Canada



Fox Firbre - Biodynamic Colour Grown Cotton
California, USA



Taproot Fibre - Linen & Wool
Nova Scotia, Canada