Organic Cotton

Venne Organic Cotton:  Grown in Egypt and processed in the Netherlands.  Venne Organic Cotton adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS*)
Colour Grown:  Cotton where the natural colour pigments have been preserved and encouraged producing beautiful browns, greens, and beige.
US Organic Cotton:  Some of the organic cotton I work with is 100% US grown.


Muga silk:  A rare wild silk found only in Assam, India.  This very special silk is known for its golden lustre and is said that it will even deepen in lustre with age.
Tussah silk:  Wild silk.  Known for it's warm honey colour silk.  Found in India, Korea and China.
Bombyx mori:  The domesticated mulberry silkworm, cultivated around the world.

Wool / Alpaca

Custom Woolen Mills:  A Canadian wool company that has next level care in their products and production.  Company is based in Alberta.
Alpaca:  All of the alpaca I work with is sourced from trusted Canadian farmers. 

Natural Dyes

Plants, fungi and other earthly matter render colours that have been used for centuries.  By preserving these methods and saving the waterways from chemical dyes, natural dyes are a preferred colour source.

Synthetic Dyes

Commercially dyed:  Colours are commercially dyed using synthetic dyes.  Typically the only colour I use from this category is black.
For the Venne cotton all methods (including dyeing) meets a global organic textile standard.
Procion Acid dye:  Considered a low impact dye - once the dye is used up it does not continue to react with the environment.

*GOTS:  Global Organic Textile Standard is a worldwide textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.